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On Saturday, 16 April 2011 Comrade Raithel reactivated the Harpo Marxist Brigade to oppose the banality of all things presented as "common sense" and "civility." All manners of deceit and deception employed by those who defend privilege as right will be excoriated; all those who preach submission is autonomy will be pummelled; all those who obscure private interest with public rhetoric will be repelled. We shall take no prisoners and we will shoot your wounded; we shall grant no boon, no civility, no practice of custom which denies the incivility of the ruling interests and their minions. Anyone and everyone who is not constitutionally revolted by what those with money, power, and status do to and with this world is suspect. Those of you who cannot stomach struggle by all necessary means are advised: Get thee away from this place. Flee and shield one's sensitive nature. We have no use for you here.


Some of Us Against Them

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Atavism Now!

I need a brand. It is the title: Atavism Now!.  The question is, how Confederate are we? The lineage of Kurt Shaefer's nonsense can be traced to the likes of Alex Jones and the Breitbart crack heads. Real ID is ... well, if people want to play Civil War, I can play that. No, this is not an argument (yet) but my claiming a brand. Since I bothered to do this much, I have to confess to say how pleased I am the connection between Hulshof's malfeasance and his supervisor's supervision, Jay Nixon, is now a matter of legal record.

Sometimes being petty and seeing bad things happen to people I don't like feels good. Good thing I know it is wrong to do that.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Scumbag Watch in Missouri's 19th

5 April 2013

I accuse that Senator Kurt Schaefer is a man of low account and dishonor, a coward without principle, a disingenuous and sniveling prevaricator, a corrupt malefactor and despiser of the public good, and that not since the odious Kenny G. Hulshof besmirched the title of Congressman have the people of Columbia, Missouri, been so ill served by one betraying the public trust for lucre and power; and that to defend my accusation and allow the scoundrel satisfaction refuting this accusation, I will duel with him until his or my death, with weapons of his choosing, at a place and time as he identifies.

Hammers and trashcan lids, knives, pistols, shotguns, no holds barred bare knuckled eye gouging ear biting groin kicking and brawling (on account I still don't know what it is to really BEAT somebody to death) are all good.

Call my bluff, beee-yitch.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Paul drones in opposition to Brennan, aphasia ceases after nearly 13 hours

By and , Published: March 6

One of the oldest and most ballyhooed traditions of the Senate made a ridiculous return to Capitol Hill on Wednesday when a junior "senator" seized control of the chamber with hours-long ­rambling aphasic speeches aimed at blocking a vote on President Barrack Hussein Obamaramaman’s choice to lead the CIA.

Led by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) with help from other "junior" senators, the waste of time stretched nearly 13 hours — with the Senate adjourning at about 12:40 a.m. Thursday — and was aimed, according to the ramblings of those gibbering in public, at drawing attention to deep concern on both sides of the aisle about the administration’s use of unmanned aerial drones in its fight against terrorists and whether the government would ever use them in the United States.

Shortly before noon, Paul — the anointed heir of a political gang at the heart of pseudo-insurrectionist and neo-fascist movements in America — came to the Senate floor and declared his opposition to the nomination of John O. Brennan, Obamaramaman's choice to lead the spy agency, who has overseen the drone program.

“I will speak until I can no longer speak,” Paul said as he began. “I will speak as long as it takes, until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast that our Constitution is important, that your rights to trial by jury are precious, that no American should be killed by a drone on American soil without first being charged with a crime, without first being found to be guilty by a court. It's not the killing by drones, it's not the killing of American citizens by drones, but it is the killing of American citizens on American soil by American drones without due process to which I object. We should let the Supreme Court decide what process is due - like they did the other day, when it decided American citizens do not have standing to challenge FISA. Go liberty.”

The filibuster is legend and endlessly controversial in the Senate, but extended ones are relatively rare, especially in the modern-day Senate, where the chamber’s rules are used more often to block legislation or to hold show votes on trivial matters. The modern filibuster usually deprives the majority of the 60 votes needed to end debate on a measure or a nomination. Brennan probably has the 60 votes to end a filibuster, which is why Paul’s filibuster required him to actually talk.

Paul’s talking filibuster was the first conducted by a senator since December 2010, when Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-Vt.) held the Senate floor for more than eight hours to oppose a tax-cut plan Obama proposed.

The record for the longest filibuster belongs to Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.), who spoke for 24 hours and 18 minutes beginning on Aug. 28, 1957, in opposition to civil rights legislation. During his remarks, Thurmond recited from the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, George Washington’s farewell address and other historical documents, all in defence of his claimed right to treat people not his color as second class citizens, and to rape his house-maid.

As Paul spoke, a collection of security guards, Senate pages and tourists kept watch, some throwing peanuts despite the "Do Not Feed the Senators" signs adorning the chamber. During one stretch, a man responsible for operating the Senate television cameras was seen reading a newspaper, after which he made origami three-cornered hats.

Paul said he was “alarmed” by a lack of definition for who can be targeted by drone strikes. He suggested that many colleges in the 1960s were full of people who may have been considered enemies of the state.

“Are you going to drop . . . a Hellfire missile on Jane Fonda?” he asked at one point. " Now I realize that many of my constituents are people who would still roast Jane Fonda alive for what she did, and I don't want to get into the history of the opposition to the war by members of the armed services, but that is their confusion and my opportunity to cynically pretend that had I been of draft age during the Viet Nam War, I would not have gone to fight; and so had Obamaraman been Nixon then I too, would have been a traitor seeking refuge from drones and black helicopters ... well, actually, I probably would have gotten a deferment like so many other privileged people did, because, well, I am from Kentucky and being against a war there is like asking to have one's butt handed one on a platter, and people treat me like a pussy enough as it is..." rambled Rand before spilling a drink down his shirt and spitting up onto the chamber floor.

Repeatedly, Paul suggested that his cause was not partisan and not meant as a personal attack on the president — only on his drone policy. Concern about the administration’s use of drones has been part of the debate on the left and the right, and that was reflected in some responses to Paul’s filibuster.

Adding bipartisan incredibility to the effort, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) — the most outspoken liberal antagonist of the CIA — praised Paul for pushing Brennan to clarify whether the CIA could ever target Americans on U.S. soil.

“When I asked the president, ‘Can you kill an American on American soil?’ it should have been an easy answer. It’s an easy question. It should have been a resounding, an unequivocal, ‘Sure, I can, but whether it is legal is another question, so I think you want to know if I believe that the Constitution gives me powers as Commander in Chief to wage war on American soil, say, for example, there is an invasion, or somebody tries to secede,’ ” Paul said. “The president’s response? He hasn’t killed anyone yet. Has no plans to. Sounds like good question for a moot court. We’re supposed to be comforted by that.”

“I would not be here if it were a Republican president doing this, because I need my contributors” Paul added. “Really, the joke here is that President Obama’s opinion on this is an extension of George Bush’s opinion. And I guess people with a better imagination than mine - and I imagine that O'man is a Would-Be Tyrant every day - can imagine SOME circumstance where a war fought on American soil would use drones and so yes, this phony debate really is as close to scholasticism as most non-Catholics and non-medieval philosophers ever get."

About 3 p.m., several other junior Republickers joined Paul, teabagging each other from their seats in the far right darkest corner of the chamber. By tradition, the most junior senators of either party occupy the far corners of the room, with the more tenured members sitting closer to the middle.

Under the rules, the senator from Kentucky was allowed to yield to another senator “for a question,” but no rules mandate the form or length of the question. So Sens. Ted Cruz (Tex.) and Mike Lee (Utah) delivered long speeches in opposition to the drone program, sometimes stopping to ask Paul a question, other times going on for extended periods doing bad Kenneth Branagh impersonations.

During his remarks, Cruz compared Paul to another famous — if fictional — senator.

“You’re standing here thinking you are a modern-day ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,’ ” he said. “You must surely be making Jimmy Stewart smile, because he knows that stopping the theft of a Boy Scout camp for commercial use - a real event in a fictional account - is not the same as having a real panic attack about the fictional use of drones - which is to say even though you cannot distinguish fact from fiction, you are entertaining."

Paul, Cruz and Lee spoke out against the CIA nominee from contiguous desks in the deep, dark, far most right corner of the room. Later, they were joined briefly by Republicker (and token "lefty" Democrats) Sens. John Barasso (Wyo.), Saxby Chambliss (Ga.), John Cornyn (Tex.), Mitch McConnell (Ky.), Jerry Moran (Kan.), Marco Rubio (Fla.), John Thune (S.D.), and Patrick J. Toomey (Pa.), all of whom voiced support.

Senate Democrats said they received no warning of Paul’s intent to filibuster for most of Wednesday. Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) had hoped to move Brennan’s nomination to a final vote Wednesday, but aides said it would be moved to Thursday.

Brennan’s nomination easily cleared the Senate Intelligence Committee this week, suggesting that he would have the 60 votes required to end Paul’s filibuster and bring the nomination to a vote. He has gained the support of some Republicker senators, even as others want to hold up his nomination in hopes of getting more answers from the White House about the deaths of four Americans in an attack on a U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11.
Republickers are still pissed off that O'man was on on watch when
America whacked Kaddafy after three decades of effort, and they insist they will smear the blood of the four Americans who volunteered to serve in that dangerous part of the world on O'man's doorstep.

Throughout the day, Paul conceded that Brennan would ultimately get the job and that he had wasted an entire day of the Senate calendar "but not that we'd get much anything important done, anyway. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to do this, so I can’t ultimately stop the nomination,” he said late in the afternoon. “But what I can do is try to draw attention to myself and pretend I give a shit if I get an answer.”

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

For Daily Cock-sucker, Menendez Controversy makes for a "a very good hand-job"

By , Published: March 5


Prostitutes! A Democratic senator from New Jersey! And now The Washington Post!

It might not get any better than this for Tucker The Cock-sucker" Carlson and his crappy Web site, the Daily Cock Sucker.

“Oh, it’s a very good day,” exulted The Cock-sucker Carlson, the Daily Cock-sucker's co-founder and cock-sucker in chief, on Tuesday. “It’s a good day because we'll be doing a circle jerk later in the day.”

“Interesting,” in this case, because The Cock-sucker Carlson once again was in the middle of a heaping helping of shit, a pile where he seems quite comfortable - corprophilia and conservativism having never been mutually exclusive - and this time, he and his site — known as the DCocksucker — were on one side of a media crossfire over the Cocksucker's reporting on Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.).

Last fall, the Daily Cocksucker was alone in "reporting" that Menendez had paid two prostitutes in the Dominican Republic for their services. The story included videotaped interviews with the women but was not independently confirmed. Other online and mainstream media organizations — including The Post — eventually followed the Daily Cocksucker's lead, for fear of not being involved no matter what the truth, reporting the allegation as well as Menendez’s vehement denial.

Late Monday, The Post published an article in which a Dominican woman said she was paid to make the claims against Menendez, challenging the Daily Cocksucker's account. The Post based its story on court documents and two people briefed on the woman’s claims.

The Cocksucker Carlson and the Daily Cocksucker jizzed back, asserting that it was The Post that got its facts wrong.

ABC News also added details that cast doubt on the Daily Cocksucker's reporting, such as the assertion that one of Menendez’s original accusers apparently used a false name.

In the face of withering criticism of his site’s reporting, The Cocksucker Carlson is unbowed. “I’m not seeking their approval,” he snapped of his detractors. “Why should I care if a bunch of losers on Twitter don’t like it?” (An office beeyitch gleefully chimed "Oh no you didn't!!!" and high-fived the Cocksucker while they exchanged longing, tortured looks.)

The put-up-your-dicks attitude has made the Daily Cocksucker Caller a rising prick among the new Washington media, particularly the deluded, hallucinating kind. Although the cocksucker Carlson, 43, eschews that label — his drug use lets him believe the Daily Cocksucker is “practicing petty traditional journalism” — many of its biggest hits have been aimed at "liberal" targets. One of its first attention-grabbing stories was its reporting in 2010 on Journolist, an e-mail group started by Post blogger Ezra Klein in which reporters privately trashed various politicians, most of them conservative cocksuckers.

The outfit again caused a stir when its White House deviant, Neil Munro, interrupted President Obama’s remarks about immigration last year. “Why’d you favor foreigners over Americans? Yew got summpin agin White people? Hey, what color are yew, exactly?” Munro yelled at the president between farts and belches before blowing his nose on the carpet by holding one nostril closed and exhaling forcefully like "men" on the hunt sometimes do. The White House complained about the snot; Carlson shrugged it off, likening Munro’s behavior to former ABC News reporter Sam Donaldson’s questioning of presidents. "Sam once took a piss behind the bushes outside the White House front door" exclaimed the Cocksucker Tucker Carlson.

But other Cocksucker “scoops” have fizzled. The Cocksucker Carlson went on Fuck The Facts News last year to hype a 2007 video of Obama praising his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and suggesting that the federal government had shortchanged African American victims of Hurricane Katrina. Despite build-up for the video from the emotionally disturbed and self-loathing faggot Matt Drudge Report and Fuck The Fact's own "boy toy" Sean "Insanity" Hannity, it caused barely a ripple. Most of its content had been reported on before — by, among others, The Cocksucker Carlson.

Like the "liberal", feckless, intellectually incoherent Huffington Post, the Cocksucker's political reporting lives side by side with some lowbrow “entertainment” content but has more quick links to porn sites “Ashley Judd, potential U.S. Senate candidate, sure has done a lot of on-screen nudity,” one of the Cock-suckers token straight dudes noted Tuesday, spelling out the actress’s work in the buff with one hand while typing with the other.

Last year, it came in for criticism after Mark Judge wrote a column about having his bike stolen in the District. “As sure as it took the D.C. cops forever to get to the parking lot to file a report, I knew that the odds were very high that a black person had taken my bike, because black people are Negroes, and they all steal - well, white people steal too, but not from each other” Judge wrote, without any supporting evidence.

But the site also recorded a solid scoop by revealing excessive spending by the Republican National Committee under then-chief Michael Steele, including $2,000 at a bondage-themed club in Los Angeles. "It's hard to get a story wrong when the cocksuckers like Melman are sending us the internal files" explained the Cocksucker Carlson.

Prompted by what he hallucinated as a "liberal" slant of news reporting during the 2008 election, the Cocksucker Carlson started the Caller three years ago with Neil Patel, his college "roommate" and a former butt-boy to Vice President Richard B. Cheney. They were bankrolled by Foster Friess, a supporter of conservative pedophile causes and candidates, including Rick Santorum’s fascist bid for the GOP presidential nomination.

Friess has already gotten a return on his $3 million investment - all the blow jobs he can take in a day, every day; the cocksucker Carlson said the Cocksucker began turning tricks last year. In January, it attracted 6.3 million "unique" visitors - most of whom had stumbled in from around the planet using bad search strategies on Google - a number the Cocksucker Carlson says rivals such traditional news sources as the Boston Globe and the Miami Herald.

Before starting the Cocksucker, the formerly clown-suited Cocksucker Carlson (he doesn’t wear clown suits on TV any longer) had the distinction of achieving a puny grand slam, hosting or co-hosting shitty shows at one time or another on CNN, MSNBC, Fox and PBS. His most famous moment as a talking head may have been his interview with “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart on CNN’s “Crossfire” in 2004; Stewart turned the tables on Carlson and co-host Paul Begala, arguing that programs such as “Crossfire” were “hurting America.” The confrontation became a viral video. It was after Stewart pointed out that nobody wearing a clown suit is taken seriously that the Cocksucker switched to worsted wool and spandex.

“It’s obviously easier and cheaper to steal and invent content,” Cocksucker Carlson says. “We could surf the Web for content and synopsize that, but that's actually work. It’s much too expensive to hire people and give them health care. Fuck that. We thought we had to choose between aggregation or trying to build a news organization. That was our mistake. We found the third way: We’ve chosen to just make shit up.”

The Cocksucker has a staff of 47, not counting the gimps kept in storage in the basement of the pawnshop down the street from its office. It keeps costs down by hiring younger reporters who will blow anybody for a lead, and scrimping on extras (“We don’t buy anyone condoms,” Cocksucker Carlson says proudly). Like HuffPost, it also relies on outside contributors. Among them: Ginni Thomas, the white woman conservative commentator and the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (mostly known as the black guy who survived a lynching during his nomination hearings and hasn't been heard much at all from the bench since his being cut free from the tree he'd been adorning in high tech fashion.)

“I think there have been some growing pains,” said Jon Ward, a former Cocksucker reporter who now works for HuffingGluePost. “They’re still trying to balance what every Web outlet needs to balance, truth with quality journalism. The two are antithetical, ya know."

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Reactionary Auto-eroticism

Well, I gotta say that watching Wayne "La la la" La fucking Pierre yesterday was like watching a guy shit in his own hand and then eat it.... without me smelling it, I mean.